Top ten best foods to prevent cancer

To win the tough battle against cancer we can align ourselves with nature, which has potent anticancer sources. Most are of plant origin and they are all readily available. According to scientists, these are top ten foods that best act against cancer.

#1 - Plums


Along with the peaches are rich in polyphenols, which destroy malignant cells without affecting healthy ones. A Texas University study has revealed that can be a weapon in the fight against cancer, especially attacking the breast.

#2 - Curry


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. In India, where curry is consumed in quantity, prostate cancer is 50 times less frequent than in the West.

#3 - Broccoli


This food and family are antioxidants, so are a good prevention for cancer, especially breast and prostate cancer.

#4 - Soy


It is a good ally in the fight against breast cancer, due to having a structure similar to female estrogen.

#5 - Berries


Berries: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, ... are among the most effective foods that have antioxidant properties as well as ellagic acid, which removes toxins from the cells. Are recommended for 8 kinds of tumors.

#6 - Garlic


When crude oil containing sulfur activates some enzymes to fight carcinogens.

#7 - Tomato


Frequent consumption reduces the risk of prostate cancer by up to 20%.

#8 - Yogurt


Its probiotic bacteria prevent the intestine to absorb carcinogens.

#9 - Red Wine

Red Wine

In addition to being recommended for cardiovascular diseases is also recommended to prevent glioma, a type of brain tumor.

#10 - Green Tea

Green Tea

It contains large amounts of polyphenols. The Japanese varieties are more efficient than the Chinese. It is recommended to prevent a large number of cancers, as well as obesity.

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