Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Fitness Health

Jumping in the beach

You can take many steps to improve your health. Most of them are not difficult and do not require much extra effort. If you truly want to improve your health, it will involve being more active and eating right. If you are doing these things and aren't losing weight or getting healthier, consider seeing your doctor.

#1 - Eat a Salad

Eating a salad for one meal a day is an easy way to cut calories and improve your health. Make sure your salad is free of fried meats, heavy cheeses and creamy dressings. Have a salad with plenty of vegetables, nuts such as sunflower seeds, beans and a light vinaigrette dressing.

#2 - Take the Stairs

On the same lines, avoid elevators and escalators and use the stairs again. You will not only be burning more calories, but you will be toning the muscles in your legs as well. Plus, you will save time by not waiting around for the elevator. If you have to use an escalator, walk up the stairs as they move.

#3 - Eat More Fruits

If you have a sweet tooth, try indulging in other sweet foods, such as fruit. Most chocolate candy bars have more than 200 calories each. One cup of strawberries has only 45 calories; a medium apple has about 70 calories. The fruit will fill you up not only due to water content but because you are consuming a greater quantity of food.

#4 - Eat More Often

While this is contrary to what seems right in dieting and being healthy, eating more often is good for your metabolism. Your body needs calories every two to three hours. However, eating often does not mean eating meals often. Eat snacks between meals, such as cottage cheese, yogurt, almonds or a piece of fresh fruit.

#5 - Fiber

Eat more fiber. Fiber is not only good for your heart and digestive system, but it is great for dieting as well. Since fiber takes longer to digest, you get the calories and energy from high fiber foods more slowly and you feel fuller longer. This means that you will have more sustained energy.

#6 - Park Far Away

Save yourself time driving around looking for the closest parking spot at the store and burn extra calories by trying to park far away from your destination. This is a good alternative if you may not have time to exercise during the day, because 10 minutes of walking scattered throughout your day is just as good for you as 30 minutes at one time.

#7 - Eliminate Soft Drinks

Soft drinks provide empty calories that do not fill you up. If you cannot cut them out of your life, switch to diet drinks instead. Drink water instead. It is better for hydrating and is not full of chemicals that can affect your body negatively.

#8 - Join a Gym

A gym is a great place--not only to meet new people but to work out as well. At the gym, you can find people to push you to work out harder and in different ways. Many gyms have free or reduced-price exercise classes for members. Also, once you have paid for a gym membership, you are more likely to go and use the gym because you have spent your hard-earned money on it.

#9 - Play Outside

If you are not motivated to work out, play outside. There is a reason that many kids are so thin; it's because they play all day. This will add both variety and fun to your workout routine.

#10 - Stretch

Stretching is important for both balance and mobility. It is important to keep your joints loose and flexible, especially as you age. More balance and range of motion will not only add depth to your workouts, but it will help in your daily life as well. Take time at the end of each day to stretch and unwind.

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